We made it!

We made it!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Bangalore! A post from Bec

As we celebrate Christmas Day here in Bangalore (which is a somewhat strange thing to do as only 5% of the pop. are Christians!) we think about home, family and friends.
The kids awoke this morning and to their delight discovered that Santa had made it to Bangalore and had managed to put a few small gifts in their sacks. Last night the staff here had very kindly set up a long table in our room, complete with white cloth and candles and we had an Indian Christmas eve dinner. This morning we have the Christmas carols playing on the lap top as we prepare for our visit to the Snheehadden Orphanage, which is a home for Orphans with HIV. We have purchased a number of gifts, including, cricket sets, balls, board games etc for the children, and we will of course have the bubbles for our kids to entertain the children with. It should be an amazing Day and we will look forward to sharing it with you all. For now, it is a very Merry Christmas to all our family, friends and followers form the Petrucco, Harry and Gyss Coast to Coast Team here in Bangalore! May you all enjoy health, happiness, peace and contentment.

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