We made it!

We made it!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 17 Rest Day

As you can imagine we all looked forward to a sleep in, enjoying the comfortable beds, clean sheets and soft pillows. Considering our last stop we slept in our sleeping bags because of fear of bed bugs and slept on mattresses that felt like hay on concrete we were all enjoying the little bit of comfort here. Today was a rest day so that is what we did. After breakfast we split up, Mum, Nick and Indy headed out with Raju to do a little shopping and Bec, Maggie, Gus and I headed to the pool to relax. It is a lovely and well earned rest day. The only moment of concern was Gus bent over by the side of the pool complaining of a stomach ache and cramps. Fortunately they pass quickly and he is once again scooting his way around the hotel and going a hundred miles an hour, you can’t hold Gus down for too long. Maggie enjoys her fries by the pool and whilst it is a little cool (it is only mid 20’s here in Bangalore) nothing will keep Maggie from swimming if she gets the chance. Considering this is the first blue pool we have found in India she is taking full advantage of her swimming opportunity.

A lovely quiet day, we reflected on the joy of a very different build up to Christmas without the usual stresses and pressures that comes with that special day. This year we plan to visit a children’s orphanage for HIV infected children aged 4-12 years and distribute gifts amongst the kids. To be honest it is the type of Christmas I have been dreaming of and I am very excited about experiencing a different kind of Christmas this year. We will then return to our hotel for a family Christmas dinner, not sure at this stage what will be on the menu. Bec found a small dry tree branch and together with mum and the kids decorated the tree. Our friends at the hotel have also gone out of their way to make us feel at home by setting up a few Christmas decorations in our room.

We hear from Kate that they are ready to go and by the time we wake up in the morning they will already be on the plane, very exciting.

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