We made it!

We made it!

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Family Reunion – Dec 23rd

It was the evening of December 23rd. We all stayed up late and had a dinner in the restaurant, something unique when travelling with a 3 year old. The girls got dressed up in their Indian dress, Indy in her dress and Maggie in her saree, they looked very beautiful. Gus was actually in fine form, and kept not only us but also the waiting staff very entertained. Popsy wasn’t feeling 100% so he decided to stick with the chicken soup, the rest of us continued to eat our way across India with another lovely meal. We all packed into the Tempo Traveller with Raju and headed to the airport for a 10pm pick up. My sister Kate and her kids Alice and max arrive tonight and we are all very excited. Given it was an international flight we ofcourse had no idea whether they would be on time or several hours late. We were very pleased to see an on time arrival and we took our place outside the doors waiting with other families and drivers. Being an international flight we ofcourse waited for nearly an hour by the time the guys landed, cleared immigration and got their bags. Ofcourse to the kids it seemed like an eternity as they watched as each person came out through the doors. Eventually we saw through the doors the unmistakable golden curls of my sister Kate and then we saw Ally and Max. There were squeals of excitement all around and lots of excited hugs and kisses. The reunion we had all been waiting so long for and counting down the days was finally here. As you can imagine it was very hard to get a word in between 5 very excited kids and come to mention it 5 very excited adults too.

On the drive home Maxy was very excited to see a couple of cows on the road, we all wondered how long the excitement of cows on the road would last, always special for the first time. We were so happy to have the family back together again for Christmas and to have Kate and the kids join in on our Indian adventure. Tomorrow we rest in the hotel and allow the kids to get over their jet lag and rest up.

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