We made it!

We made it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Final Words of Thanks

Today is our final day in India. Bec and Indy are packing their bags, Maggie and Gus are running around with their cousins. We have taken our breakfast and planning for a quiet day and readying ourselves for the long trip home. The girls are heading out to get their henna done on their hands and feet as a memory they can take back with them. Nanna is getting her last fix of Gus before we part ways in Melbourne.

As we are about to leave we all take a minute to think about all of the people who have contributed to our walk and been here every step of the way. We would like to make a special thankyou to Di and Rachel and all of the team at ChildFund Australia who have been there with us every step of the way over the past 16 months, you guys are amazing. To Dola, Naomi, Antony, Prem, Abdul, Esther and all of the team at ChildFund India, Kyria Pushpa, Grama Vikas and KKSS who have all gone way out of their way to provide a very special experience for all of us. This trip wouldn't have been anywhere near as special without you all. We will never forget all of the support you have provided to us.

To all of the people who have donated their hard earned funds, a very big and special thankyou. In many ways we have benefited from your generosity as we have been able to deliver the items your donations have provided. So many people have been incredibly generous and we are so appreciative of every dollar that has been donated. To all of the people who have posted words of encouragement via facebook, our blog and via email these have been so important, particularly on the long and lonely days when we felt a million miles away from home. These words of encouragement were so important to providing us with energy and motivation. To all of my clients who have been so understanding about my time away and provided me with the space and the time to go on this journey, thankyou and I look forward to reconnecting with each of you shortly. To our Auntie Jane and Uncle Dick who experienced their first Christmas without us all together thankyou. You have done so much work behind the scenes, donated so much of your time and dollars and have made a major contribution to the success of our walk.

Finally to our walk team. Firstly to Nicola and Eibhlin who were just so amazing. The way you came over to India with such an incredible attitude and provided us with so much positive energy and practical support. you guys were really missed after you left and we think of you often on this trip. To kate and the kids you have done an incredible job on your first trip to India and we hope you take with you an unforgettable life experience. With limited time and funs we are so appreciative that you made this trip a priority for your family and it wouldn't have been the same without you. Picking you guys up from the airport still remains as one of the most special times on our trip. To Nanna and Poppa you have been there every step of the way and both in your own way provided a crucial level of support to the team. We have seen a new side of you even after all of our time spent together and I think you even surprised yourself with your efforts particularly leading up to the walk. Again we hope the experience is one you will never forget. To Bec, you are an amazing woman and I don't know how you manage to do it but with each new challenge you find a new depth to your strength and resilience. To watch how you managed me and the kids over the past many months preparing for and ultimately doing this trip you are an amazing woman and I don't know how you do it. We are so lucky to have you and promise not to take you for granted. To Indy, Maggie and Gus, you are our best friends and we feel so grateful that you are prepared to join with us on these adventures. Every day you make a massive contribution to our collective experience and in your own way each of you demonstrate just how beautiful, resilient and strong you are. I couldn't be prouder of you all.

The final word is for the children of India. You are the reason we are here and you have provided us with a life experience that is both unforgettable and incredibly special. You welcomed us into your villages, homes and lives with such a spirit of generosity and humility. We feel so privileged to have had this wonderful opportunity to spend time with each of you and want to thank you all for providing us with the opportunity to make a small contribution to supporting you to experience a childhood that is safe, healthy and full of learning and possibilities.

We are the Coast to Coast team and we have just walked coast to coast across India.

This is Nick Petrucco signing out.


  1. Congratulations to you all for your commendable courage, determination and steadfastness on your journey to help others.
    It was our pleasure to help in a way that we could manage. Thankyou for your kind words.
    Reading your blog through the journey has kept us in touch and so aware of your selfless motives and subsequent positive outcomes. Well done!
    Much Love from Auntie Jane and Uncle Dick XX

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